Why do Contestants Buy Online Contest Votes?

If you spend even a little bit of time in the world of online contests, you will discover that a number of contestants explore the idea of buying online votes for their respective competition. As a matter of fact, it has actually become a widely used tactic and there are thousands of participants that use it for securing their victory. But, why do they do so? It is a fairly logical question to ask, but you should know that the only way to answer it is by participating in at least one contest yourself. Doing so means that you will have to collect votes.

It doesn’t sound too complicated and it quite a simple requirement when you compare it competitions of the past. Then you start accumulating the votes and it dawns on you. How? You invest your time and energy into asking for votes and you do get them. But, the number is so small, as opposed to the number of contestants in the competition and their votes that you cannot even get a real shot at winning. If you do want a real chance, you then have to buy online contest votes as it is the only way to gain an edge.

However, it is also a fact that using this tactic means you have to shell out money and not many people enjoy parting with their money. Thus, they will try some other tactics, ones that have been used in the past as well. The simplest one is to come up with fake profiles and add the votes from them. It was done by several contest winners previously, when the concept was still new and it worked for them. Today, it will not give you the results you desire. As a matter of fact, it just might backfire. How?

Well, contest organizers have also caught onto the tricks people can use for winning contests and so they have checks in place to verify the authenticity of all votes entered. When your votes are checked and they are from the same IP address, they are rejected. Consequently, your participation is cancelled, which means you lose the opportunity of winning the prize. The next option that one can explore is to buy cheap votes. This means that in order to make sure you pay as little as possible for the votes, you find a service that offers the cheapest packages.

No, it is certainly not difficult to do so because you can find pretty much anything on the internet. Similarly, you can find a cheap service and get the cheap votes. But, if you are being logical and take some time out to think how the service is able to offer the votes so cheap when others don’t, you will realize it is also a mistake. These cheap services are just scams that are only focused on one thing; making money off people and to do it, they use the oldest tactic in the book. They offer the votes at a cheap price to tempt you to use their services.

If you fall into their trap, you can say goodbye to your money. They will take it and leave you empty-handed with no votes to show for what you paid. If some services do give you the votes, they are generated via software or bots and these are also detected by competitions. Hence, you don’t get to win and you are thrown out of the contest. At the end of the day, the only real option you have is to purchase the votes. There are several reasons to consider it:

  • You save time

It doesn’t matter if you buy Facebook contest votes, Twitter contest votes, PollDaddy contest votes, IMDB contest votes or email verification votes; doing so will help you save your time. You don’t have to ask anyone for the votes and neither do you need to create fake profiles, both of which take up your valuable time. You can purchase the votes and wait for the deadline to approach.

  • You save energy

It is not just the time you save when you are buying the votes; you also save yourself from a headache and lots of stress. You don’t have to waste energy in asking people to give you votes, answering their questions and dealing with any taunts. Likewise, you don’t have to deal with the stress of dealing with scammers and putting up with their tactics.

  • You get quality votes

You get to buy real votes for online contest, which can make all the difference in the outcome. These real votes are generated through safe techniques and have unique IP addresses, which means they will hold up in any check that contest organizers may perform. Each of the votes you buy will be traced to a real human ID so you will have no trouble in getting the votes accepted. The contest organizers will not know that you bought the votes and so your participation will not be at risk either.

  • You get votes on time

It should also be noted that choosing the right vote service also ensures that your votes are delivered to the contest in time. There is no point in paying for the votes if they are delivered too late. With a professional service, such as Votes Factory, you don’t need to worry about promptness. They specialize in providing contest votes and will do their best in getting them delivered before the deadline passes.

  • You get votes for different contests

Lastly, you don’t have to limit your participation to just one contest. You can repeat the success you achieve in as many contests as you like, as long as you have a reliable service in your corner. Every online contest will be open to you and you can choose to enter ones that offer prizes you really want.

Thus, the decision to buy the votes can actually be a good one when you know what you are doing.