We use realistic profiles which have images and friends list to votes on the contests. All votes delivered come from unique IP Addresses.
Our TAT to complete the voting is between within 24 hours for an order of 1000 votes. We start voting on the contest once the instructions for the contest are shared with us either through email or through contact us form. After placing an order if you feel more votes would be needed then we suggest you to contact us quickly through email, Skype or the contact us form.
We support voting from IP Addresses of various countries. Primarily we use US IP Addresses. For any specific requirement we need to be emailed first. On confirmation from our end you would be requested to proceed further with the order submission process. Please note such requests may attract an additional cost except for US IP Addresses. We have IP Addresses from most of the major countries in the world. Please check with our customer service team first for further details.
We are responsible for delivering the ordered count of votes. You are responsible to calculate the requirement of votes count for winning the contest. We do not guarantee you winning the contest.
We deliver last minute votes also. However, you are encouraged to contact us prior to submitting your order. You are requested to make the payment for urgent orders only after our support team gives a confirmation.
We can split your ordered votes for multiple contests and also for multiple entries within the same contest. You need to share the instructions very clearly to avoid any misunderstandings. We do not vote for competing contestants in the same contest. If we have received an order from you, we will vote only for you.
We are available 24 X 7 X 365. You may contact us anytime with your requirements and our team will assist you further.
If you are facing difficulty in submitting your order using the Buy Now button on the service page, we can certainly send you a PayPal Invoice on your email.
Order once submitted cannot be cancelled. Kindly refer to our Terms & Conditions & Refund Policy prior to ordering votes. We can however use the payment for another contest you may be participating in and deliver the votes there.