Should you Pay for Votes or Collect Votes- Which is Better?

Like every other thing that has gone online thanks to the technological boom in the 21st century, online contests have also become a trend. These competitions are not just a way for people to earn amazing prizes without dealing with any complicated and time consuming procedures for entering the contests, but also a marketing technique for businesses. Surviving in today’s fast paced market is difficult and businesses need to get create in order to come out on top. Online contests have provided them with a no-fail solution. With these contests, they are able to lure in a worldwide audience and only have to spend money on the prize.

For the contestants, the perk is that they only need to get a high vote count to get the prize and don’t need to get involved in any other trick or riddle. The problem is that getting the votes for these contests is not exactly an easy task to accomplish as the number of contestants is too high, making the odds really tough. Consequently, buy contest votes review has become common because people are interested in knowing the pros and cons of this tactic. Others prefer to use the regular trick for getting the votes i.e. asking around for them. 

This has caused a lot of confusion because now most people don’t know what to do. Should they purchase the votes or try their luck the normal way? Which is better? Let’s go over reach option to see what the right decision may be:

Collecting Votes 

If you are wondering what the regular or normal way of getting votes is, then it refers to the process of reaching out to those you know. This means that you persuade your family members and friends to vote for you. It sounds quite simple, but the fact is that not every single person you ask may vote for you. Moreover, after this is done, you will realize you are still far behind other contestants. Then, you can ask your friends of friends, acquaintances, colleagues and other relatives to vote for you. Some people also ask random people in groups to vote for them. The problem with this method is that it is a hit and a miss.

Sure, you don’t pay for votes, but you also don’t collect enough votes that can lead you to victory. On top of it, some people will actually ask you to share the prize if you win because they added their vote on your behalf. In the worst case scenario, the people you ask will also get tempted by the prize and will become your competition instead of helping you. Hence, this method is full of risks and there is no guarantee that it will go the way you expect it. 

Paying for the votes

The next option is to purchase the votes you need. The reason it has become popular is that it enables you to get the votes you need in a jiffy. All it takes is a couple of clicks to make the purchase and your work is done. The service you choose adds the votes on your behalf and just like that, you reach the top. If that’s not all, the biggest benefit is that you buy IP votes. This means that every single vote has a unique IP address and there is zero risk of it being rejected by the organizers due to their IP address. They are all generated from authentic human IDs and will help you in overturning the odds in your favor. 

Yes, these votes come with a price tag, but the cost is nothing as compared to the time and hassle it saves you. There is absolutely no need for you to ask anyone to vote on your behalf. You don’t have to tell anyone that you have participated in a contest and can keep it quiet until you win and can then show off your prize. The votes are also delivered to you on time. As a matter of fact, there are services that also give you the opportunity of buying the votes at the eleventh hour. This means that even if there are a couple of hours left until the deadline, you can purchase the votes. This is not something you can do if you are collecting votes.

Apart from that, you have the option to purchase Facebook votes, Twitter votes, DJ Mag votes, Reddit votes, Tumblr votes, Instagram votes, PollDaddy votes and lots more. This means that you can enter as many contests as you want and win their prizes without any problems at all. In fact, your cost may go even lower when you are buying the votes for multiple contests simultaneously. Moving on, the process of getting the votes is also simple enough. As mentioned above, the votes have a unique IP so risk of detection is low.

Furthermore, the services also ensure that the votes are spread out and not added instantly as that might arouse suspicion. They add the votes after short intervals and your vote count continues to go up. Nevertheless, it is important to remember that this can only happen if a trustworthy and recognized service, like Votes Factory, is used to make your purchase. Online scams are a major turn off for people and some scammers are also using the vote-selling gimmick to take advantage of people. 

A legitimate service will have positive reviews that you can easily find on the web. Research is needed and you will be able to distinguish between a reliable and unreliable service quite easily. Also, they have had years of experience working in this market and offer 100% customer satisfaction at all costs. Such services also provide 24/7 customer support, which enables you to get answers to any and all of your questions with ease. 

Hence, as long as you play it smart and realize that buying the votes is a much better option than actually collecting them, you will be able to win numerous contests.