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Tech giants, businesses, political parties, lawyers, and people from every walk of life have become shrewd enough to leverage the aptitude of the internet to advance their agenda amongst the general public. Therefore, they intermittently conduct online tournaments. For instance, they create or even participate in Facebook polls to raise awareness about their brands and products. Facebook has been treading the path of success since its inception. Nowadays, it has become a vital tool for business interaction and to secure the wider public’s attention. So to win these contests require you to buy Facebook poll votes.

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Moreover, some contestants create multiple Facebook accounts under single credentials. They get in touch with some sharp-witted people who employ illegitimate means to own the score of Facebook accounts by exercising proxies, etc. However, creating multiple Facebook accounts, striking contract with social media celebrities or influencers to assume their support, or approaching a larger array of people manually is a quite tedious and painstaking task.

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