Competitions and contests have always held the interest of the masses as some are interested in winning and showing everyone that they truly are the best while others are merely there to spectate and enjoy a good show. Competitions span over a variety of things and forms such as there could be such a competition where the best photograph competes among a large group of others. Some contests where you might be required to sing a song in a way that appeals to the audience and also stands out from the rest. Some contests which award a handsome prize to best essay over a well picked topic that receives a substantial number of entries. What ever the case may be, it is a unanimous fact that people love contests and more than that, they love winning these contests. As with the modern age, contests have made their way to the digital devices too and as such we can see these contests make their way online and still continue to awe and amuse people in large numbers. The key to winning these online competitions could be being judged by a panel of judges or it could be based on the number of votes. The latter, however, has become increasingly popular and almost the standard for all online contests now. The rule of the game has become numbers and the more numbers you on your side, the more the likelihood of you winning the competition.

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