Online contests have been around for decades and by the looks of it, they are here to stay. With each one of them offerings new and exciting prizes, there is no reason why one shouldn’t participate and get in on the action. While there are some famous platforms for holding contests, the host of the contests most certainly do not discriminate. Utilizing all and any of the platform they can reach viewers on! Wavo is one of the many such platforms we are already keenly familiar with. With thousands of users on the network, marketers use it as the platform of choice to host many online contests. Enabling participants from all over the site to get a slice of the action and win. However, the contests mostly deem their victors on a rather traditional approach. To put it forth simply, the winner is announced based on the number of votes. With the participant with the most number of votes being the winner of the entire contest. While the prize on the line is enough of a reason for you to participate, the same cannot be said for the labor these contests require.

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