Whether you join Instagram for entertainment or promoting your brand or business, every ‘grammar wants to get more Instagram followers. It’s not for egotism but it a good thing. Instagram has become one of the most popular platforms with 1 billion active users. It is great when it comes to sharing your photo or videos with a number of people, networking and building a large following count. Are you stuck at a few followers and don’t know how to grow your network? Don’t fret, we have outlined some tips that will help to achieve what you exactly want.

Create a Theme for Your Account: If your page has not a clear theme then don’t expect to get a number of followers. Give them a direction what are you all about when they visit your page. First off, figure out what is the interest of the people who are related to your industry. Don’t post your selfies or other personal stuff on your business account. Post the content what your audience wants to see. Create a theme and try to post all your photos and video according to that theme.

Pick A Good Username And Profile Picture: Always use the same username or handle across all your social media profiles. It makes it easy for your potential audience to follow you. For example, if your username is @david21 Twitter, use the same username or handle for Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram. Also, use the good profile picture that matches with the theme of your page i.e. if your Instagram account is about sports, use a picture of yourself while playing sports.

Start Following People: Instagram has introduced a good feature i.e., “Find People to Follow” that make the process easy to follow and interact with the people that you know. This feature allows you to import friends from other social networks such as Facebook. Also, you can follow the suggested account by using the explore section of this feature. Almost one-third people will follow you back. But don’t follow more people than more following. It is a good way to gain more Instagram followers.

Use The Right Tags: if you are a fashion blogger and you are going to post a photo of Melan fashion week, you should use tags #Melan, #MelanFashionweek and #fashionweek. You can use other popular tags too which might not be relevant to your photo but it will give you much broad online reach.

Tag In The Comments Section: Use most relevant tags in your posts or at the end of your caption. But try to use more tags in the comment section because having a lot of tags in the post can look bad. For Instance, You are posting a photo or video, comment on your post immediately after posting and put a bunch of tags in it. It can grab the attention of a lot of people and people will likely to visit these accounts. Using the right and most relevant tags is a good way to gain more followers or buy Instagram followers for instant results.