The year is 2018, and almost everything comes with a shortcut. There is a shortcut to getting work done more efficiently, a short fix to being on time and even a shortcut to success. While some might argue that the traditional approaches were better, the importance of having a short fix is undeniable. Not only does the shortcut yield the same or better results, it also saves us from investing in more time or energy. Similar is the case with contests held online. These contests determine their winner based on the traditional voting system. The participant who manages to get the most amount of votes before the contests come to an end is ultimately declared the winner and is entitled to the prize. However, the contest usually does not have a fixed set of rules when it comes to participation. Almost anyone who comes across the particular contest has the right to participate, exposing the contest to an unlimited pool of candidates. In times like these, the participants who have their heart set on winning a wish to get the prize. In other words, participants wish to get the prize without having to compete against those thousands of other contestants. The need here is of a shortcut, ready to yield results!

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