A consensus is something generally or vastly agreed upon and have been used as both a means and medium to decide the weight and popularity of anything be it any piece of art or a person. Sometimes even food or animals. This measure of selecting what the people liked also made its way on to the digital realm and has since stayed as the easiest and most profitable way for brands and businesses to hold contests and decide winners. By giving power directly to the people and letting them decide the fate of the contestants, this method eradicates the entire need for a panel of judges and the audience becomes the jury. This started a whole new movement of contests where people could contest simply by signing up and then following the simple guidelines of the competition. The audience will then judge them and the entry with the most votes is declared the winner. These votes could range from Facebook likes to Twitter retweets or likes, sometimes even the generic metrics of a website holding the competition. Regardless of it all, what matters is getting the largest number of votes and the task is often incredibly daunting.

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Collecting votes sounds as simple but it suddenly dawns on you that you’re not competing within the domain of hundreds, but several thousands and even if you pride yourself in having a rather large circle of friends, you might come short a couple thousand votes from the finish line. This way, you cannot possibly claim the prize on your own. Sometimes these contests require you to have IP votes measure your chance and those are very hard to come by. Mostly because if you resort to bots or spamming votes, you will be immediately disqualified or have them do nothing to increase your chances of winning. IPs are unique identifiers and unless each of your vote is a unique and individual machine, your votes will not count. However, you can always choose to buy ip votes from a trusted online retailer that specializes in such. The surest and most reliable channel to buy ip votes is https://votesfactory.com/ from where you can select a wide range of votes and packages.

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