Some online contests and competitions are region specific, which means that only people from that region are allowed to enter. People from other regions or cities, or countries are not allowed even to participate in them. If a person from any other region or country tries to enter into the competition, he is denied access to further information. But how is it detected that the said person is from another region. What gives him away? His IP address gives him away. IP address for each country or each region is different and unique. When entering a competition, the website detects the IP address and connects it to the region it is from and if that region is not allowed to enter into the competition, then that person is not allowed to enter into it.

It can also happen that someone is allowed access because they live in the allowed region but their friends and family who can vote for the contest are from another region and thus not allowed to vote because their IP address. In such a situation entering into contests and competitions is useless because people from IP addresses of other regions cannot vote for them. What one can do is buy IP votes to win such a competition. There are a number of ways for buying IP votes. Sellers who sell IP votes make sure to provide the IP votes that are given belong to IP address of the region which you have asked about.

IP votes are region specific votes that show the IP address of the region which is allowed to vote for the contest. If someone decides to buy IP votes, they can do so easily and they will then acquire votes for their online contest which are related to IP address which is relevant to that contest and thus allowing them to win that contest. IP votes are available for all regions. Region specific votes are usually required for contests which is run for a specific country or where the winning prize cannot be shipped off to other regions or when one country does not have good terms with another country and does not allow its citizens to access websites or online information. In this case, the IP address gives away the person from the other country and access to the online information is denied. But those who buy IP votes can easily get online votes from specific IP addresses and read more