Facebook contests aren’t a new concept. In fact, they have been around for quite some time now. From the time that they first came about to be up until today, people have enthusiastically participated in all kinds of Facebook contests. Some are just for the win, while others are a competition often held by a reputable organization or its page to ascertain a winner like the best song, or the best artist, etc. However, things aren’t the same as they used to be when it comes to Facebook contests.

Facebook Contests

If you’re not aware, Facebook contests work in a very simple way. The competition is announced and started. People vote for the participant they want to vote for and voting continues up till the specified time. These votes can be Facebook likes or a number of votes in a poll to ascertain the winner in the contest. The participant or contestant with the most number of votes is declared the winner and rewarded with the winning prize if there is one.

So how really have Facebook contests changed? To be accurate, what has really changed about the contests is not the contests themselves but how people vote in them and how contestants get votes in their favor. The option to buy real poll votes has changed things forever. No one looks at Facebook contests the same way anymore. Everyone is aware of how votes can be bought to win any online contest and they are not afraid to use it. the affordable rates at which how quality voting services are offered have further promoted this kind of services among Facebook users. Today contestants know that if they want to win, they can just buy Facebook votes for contest and easily do it.

What You Can Do

How has this changed things for you? For one, you simply can not hope to win a contest for sure by playing fair just because you deserve it anymore. The popularity of these services means that even if contestant out of the rest decides to buy Facebook votes for contest to win then you will lose for sure. This is kind of a sad reality but doesn’t lose hope just yet.

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