There are several traditional methods of asking for votes in which an ordinary contestant goes around. There is a more considerable number of votes for those who are creative with their campaign, while those are not so good. The following contains several conventional approaches. Apart from these ways mentioned below, you can also purchase services to buy LinkedIn shares or buying LinkedIn likes and other services too from professional voting service providers such as Vote Factory. Votes factory offers genuine votes to customers and assures that their customer wins from a massive margin an online contest. Votes Factory will be the perfect option if you’re seeking buy likes on LinkedIn.

Asking your Family and Friends for Votes

The first people you ask for votes when you enter a contest that you need votes to win are your friends and family. They may not be ample in number, but no matter what, they are the ones that will help you. You can tell them to ask their friends and colleagues and ask them to vote for you, thereby creating a ripple effect. Creating a network of people on your side, thus.

Social Network Producing Votes

When getting votes, making an online campaign via social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., is necessary. As you would be able to communicate with many people at once, it is a very creative and smart way to go about it. This job can be tedious and time-consuming, but it can earn you many votes if done correctly.

You should make an appealing poster with the necessary details and links for people to vote for you to do this. You can also network or even create your voting group on various forums and sites and have your friends promote you.

You may also directly message (DM) each person on your friend list and ask them to vote for you, in addition to creating posters and writing blogs. You should supply them with important information, such as the phone number or a link to the website, from which they can do it quickly. You must make the job easy for them as no one wants to waste more time searching the website looking for the opportunity to vote.

Printing Your Flyers

This approach may be a little redundant if we live in a digital world. However, this conventional form of advertising is still favored by many individuals and can target individuals of all age groups, particularly the elderly.

You should let your creativity run wild with this, make eye-catching flyers, and inspire yourself and the contest you need votes for. In the park, in supermarkets, you can send them to people, pin them on the driveway, or even distribute them to numerous shops or free notice boards in your area.

Design and Scan Through a QR Code

The fastest and smartest way to win votes is to design a QR code for your votes. The only thing people need to do is search their phones for the code to cast their vote for you.

It also depends on the type of online contest and whether the company accepts this feature. In most cases, it is the business itself that provides a unique QR code to the contestant. Therefore, whether you can pull this system off or not, you need to be confident.

Create Videos on YouTube To Get More Votes

One such medium that is strong and has the potential to reach the masses is YouTube. You can use any slogans or video affects you like when creating a video for YouTube.

Be sure these results are not unnecessarily carried out. The video still doesn’t seem cringy to anyone who sees it. Keep it short, and make sure your message is conveyed. You can also put a hyperlink on the video or in the explanation box that, when they tap on it, redirects the user to the competition web page so that they can cast their vote.

By trying to make a viral video, another fantastic way to catch the attention of people is. This can be in the form of a funny video or a joke, or just a straight video showcasing your character. You can choose to be as imaginative as you want, and you can inspire yourself and include the link and guidance at the end. Thousands and millions of people worldwide get viral videos, and if you can pull this off, you can win the contest in no time.

Holding a Giveaway

There is a strong probability that they will contact you and support you because you allow them to vote for you. By giving a reward to persons who cast their votes for you, you will hold your giveaway. This may be in the form of eatable sweets or little trinkets. To inspire more people to join, you will use these people to pass the word around.