Competitions are one of the greatest ways a company, charity or organisation can reach out and engage with a new customer base. This is now taken to a whole new level with the introduction of Facebook ! Did you know Facebook was the first Social Media portal to surpass over 1 billion registered users? With this in mind, some companies buy online votes, some buy facebook votes for contests and others will be currently looking into buying online votes or are currently in the process to buy competition votes. Wherever you are at in this new advertising wave be sure to get your orders as cheap as possible, buy in bulk,  make sure you are buying from a company or website you can trust and make sure they can deliver your order to you fast!

There are so many industry’s across the USA, here are just a few: you have possibly one of the hugest client bases in the baby booming market. Maybe you are launching a new product? If you get your competition online make sure the registration is straightforward and that the public can easily access and ‘like’ your competition so that the Facebook algorithm is utilized to its fullest degree.  You have the thriving photo market; more and more people are buying cameras and this is a fantastic avenue to connect with potential customers – perhaps some votes and then a competition that point towards what piece of equipment to purchase next? This can be a great way to understand the buying trends of a particular demographic.

What about the vast sweepstakes and betting marketplace? Online competitions are a great way to ‘hook’ people in and connect them with a new offering you may be trying to promote. It could also help you if you are looking into developing a new system or idea, to find out the tastes and observations of a particular age-bracket. Using Facebook promotions you can target people by age, location and interest groups. This can be a fantastic tool in finding out buying trends and thus give you the advantage over your competitors when launching a new idea.

Maybe you are launching a new App? An online vote via Facebook, or mass email marketing, can be a great way for you to get email verification and start building a database of future customers. More than 50% of people are now using the internet on their mobile phones, so Apps are one of the best ways to stay connected with your clients.

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